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Greg Harrison

This line was built in 1869 by the Fort Wayne, Jackson and Saginaw Railroad (later the Fort Wayne and Jackson Railroad by 1880) in order to connect Fort Wayne, IN, with Jackson, MI, to the north. The line came under the control of the Lake Shore and Michigan Railroad in 1882 and then the New York Central shortly after, who continued operations thereover. Abandonment came in the early 1990s under ownership of Hillsdale County Railroad.

See also Steubenville to Fort Wayne, in Indiana.

Thanks to Richard Roberts for contributing information about this route.

The Fort Wayne and Jackson was not abandoned under the Hillsdale County Railroad ownership. Jonesville north was abandoned under Penn Central as was the section from Stubenville, IN south to Fort Wayne. The Bankers bypass shortcut from Jonesville to Bankers which bypassed Hillsdale was abandoned in the early 1970's as well. The remaining FW&J from Jonesville to Stuebenville remains in operation by the Indiana Northeastern Railroad.

Jay Williams
Waldron, MI


I m pretty sure you are looking at the old Cincinnati northern railroad the came into Jackson many years ago.

look at the satellite photo and you can see the abandoned Penn Central line that was called the Michigan Airline, there is a branch that goes South, years ago it was the Cinn, Northern RR. In 1983 I was out running on a county rd. just south of Jackson, I noted this abandoned rail line, tracks were long gone, and there was a very old sign that read,Cinninati and northern Railroad. , looking back I should have grabbed the sign, Pretty cool to have now. This is a true story.

mark karle
jackson, MI


Mark Carle, this is a different line here. You are talking about a line to the east that went down thru Hudson. That was the Cinncinnatti Northern.

Daniel Gless
Rockford, MI


Well there was a sign there that said cinn. northern railroad. If you walk the falling waters trail, which is the old Penn central line you will see a branch going to the south, you can walk it. I followed that abandoned line and it crosses Horton Rd, that's where I saw the mental sign way back in 1983 that said cinn and northern railroad.

Part of the old Cinn Northern is still in use in Jackson it serves some industry but ends south of M 50. You can still see the old main line going past Ackerson Lake and heading South.Norfolk Southern owns this track I think.

mark karle
jackson, MI


From Jonesville to Haires Jct ( jct with the MC Air Line) the line was abandoned by PC in 1973....

Eric Zerkle
Waterloo, IN


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