Keyser to Twin Mountain, WV

The Twin Mountain & Potomoc Railroad was a narrow gauge railroad that ran through the hills and valleys of northern West Virginia, near the Maryland state line. It was built in the late 1800s and abandoned before 1920, and little trace can be found today (2003). The modified station in Burlington (at right) is believed to be the only surviving structure.

While in service the TM&P ran mixed freight and passenger trains. In Keyser there was a transfer station with the Baltimore & Ohio. Judging by the station names, the customers were local mines and farms. From Keyser, heading generally south, the line passed through the settlements of Mineral, Limestone, Reservoir, Orchard Siding, Knobley Farm, Liller Run, Markwood, Dry Run, Burlington, Thrush, Sloan, Russelldale, Eliber Siding, and Twin Mountain.

This view shows the library at Burlington, West Virginia, in the...
This view shows the library at Burlington, West Virginia, in the former Twin Mountain and Potomac RR station. According to the librarian, the original station was much smaller; it was only the one-story portion beyond the gable. The baggage cart (barely visible) is on loan from a Keyser Historical Society. The cart was originally used at the B&O station in Keyser, where the TM&P interchanged with the B&O. Photo by Mike Palmer, September 2003.

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