The Asherton and Gulf Railway

Artesia Wells to Asherton, TX

This line started out as the Nueces Valley, Rio Grande and Mexico Railway Company in 1905, and was chartered to build a line from the International & Great Northern Railway at Artesian Wells, to Carizzo Springs, Texas. However, only about 10 miles were graded west out of Artesia Wells, until 1908, when the construction on the line continued two more miles to Light, TX. The following year, an additional 20 miles of the line was built to Asherton, TX, and the railroad was renamed the Asherton & Gulf Railway. The intent was to connect to the Southern Pacific at Eagle Pass, TX, (and a lucrative connection with Mexico), but this did not come to pass.

Freight revenue along the line came from vegetable farms along the route, with passenger service also being offered. Missouri Pacific purchased the railroad in 1926, and formally merged it 30 years later.

Abandonment of the line came in 1958.

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