The Missouri and North Arkansas Railroad

Joplin, MO to Helena, AR

This abandoned railway line was abandoned in 1946; until the abandonment of The New York, Ontario and Western Railroad, it was the longest rail abandonment in the U.S.

A segment of the route between Seligman, MO and Harrison, AR was operated as the Arkansas & Ozarks Railroad from 1948 to 1960.

Current remnants of the M&NA:

  • Seligman to Junction (Eureka Springs, AR) embankment still visible in Butler Creek Hollow. Portions of timber trestle still standing crossing Butler Creek at Table Rock Lake. Right-of-way converted to walking trail Butler Creek to Beaver, AR. Steel truss bridge over Table Rock Lake (White River) and cut through bluffs (Narrows) still in place. Right-of-way visible at Elk Ranch.
  • Right-of-way drivable from AR Route 23 crossing at Junction for approximately 1 mile east. Concrete foundations of coaling tower and water tank are visible.
  • Junction to Eureka Springs (3.5 miles) reconstructed circa 1980 as Eureka Springs and North Arkansas (tourist line). Handsome stone 1914 station still in service as ES&NA depot.
  • Portions of right-of-way between Eureka Springs and Harrison still visible. Tunnel in Livingston Hollow 2.5 miles east of Junction is collapsed and dangerous to enter.
  • Depot in Berryville, AR is still in use. Parts of the right-of-way around the old fair grounds and Hamby Lumber Company are still visible.
  • Stone piers and south abutment of Crooked Creek Bridge still visible.
  • Plate girder bridge still in place off AR Route 333 approximately 3 miles west of Gilbert, Ark.
  • Stone piers of bridge across Buffalo River still visible 2 miles east of Gilbert, Ark.
  • Stone 1914 station still standing at Leslie, AR
  • Bridge abutments still standing at Shirley, AR.
  • No traces of the line south of Shirley are visible.

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