Fulton County Narrow Gauge Railroad

Galesburg to West Havana, IL

The Fulton County Narrow Gauge Railroad, also known as the Spoon River Peavine, was built between Galesburg and West Havana, Illinois, around 1880. It served strip mines and local farmers within Fulton County, and operated passanger trains up until the early 1900s. The line was converted to standard gauge around 1910. In 1930, the line was purchased by the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railway. In 1934, portions of the line between Fairview and Galesburg and between Lewistown to Havana were petitioned for abandonment; those segments were torn about 1934/1935.

The right-of-way can still be found in the some areas (especially north of Lewistown near IL Route 97, and north of Fairview), though most of it no longer exists.

The Fulton County history book from 1968 states the only thing left of the little community of Bybee was the former right-of-way and a cemetery.

The FCNG went through the following towns:

  • Lewistown
  • Cuba
  • Fiatt
  • Fairview

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