The Muncie Branch

Converse to Matthews, IN

This Chicago, Indiana and Eastern Railway line was built from Converse, Indiana (off the Pennsylvania Railroad's Columbus branch) to Muncie, Indiana, via Swayzee, Cole, Fairmount and Matthews, between 1895 to 1900 with hope to take advantage of the natural gas boom found in this area. Despite resistance from shippers along the line, the railroad won all court cases and quickly abandoned this little-known money-losing line between Converse and Matthews as early as 1932. PRR used trackage rights via the New York Central Railroad to get to Muncie and Matthews until that section of the line too was removed much later.

Little remains today.

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Pennsylvania Railroad
Docket: 9311 4/8/1932 Section: 1
App. of Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Chicago and St. Louis RR. Co. and Pennsylvania RR. Co., lessee, for certificate to abandon that part of the Muncie Branch of the Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Chicago and St. Louis RR., extending from Converse, Miami County, to Matthews, Grant County, Indiana, a distance of 26 miles.
Length: 26.0 miles 369 Citation: 189 ICC 669

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