The Carlton and Coast Railroad

Carlton to Tillamook Gate, OR

This short line extended from a connection with the Southern Pacific at Carlton, 14 miles west into the coast range along the North Yamhill River. The railroad was incorporated in 1910, started operating in 1912, and abandoned in 1940. Communities on the line included Pike, Fairdale, and Chesterbrook, with the line ending at a point called Tillamook Gate. The line was operated primarily for lumber interests as well as common traffic.

In the 1930s the track length was extended to 23 miles. The company operated several geared logging locomotives and several standard steam locomotives during its time, the oldest of which was an ex-Southern Pacific 4-4-0 built in 1868.

The line today only can be found in very small portions along the Yamhill River. Since it has been abandoned for 64 years, traces are hard to find.

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