Los Angeles to Wilmington Harbor, CA

This line was initially constructed between Los Angeles at Thenard Tower and the wye at Wilmington Harbor in 1868, before Los Angeles was connected to the nation's rail network. For most of its existence this line was part of the Southern Pacific, however this section was transferred to Pacific Harbor Lines in the 1990s. The Alameda Corridor trench was built along this line's route several miles north of this location. This line was cut as part of the first stages of constructing a bridge for Pacific Coast Highway over the rail lines in this area. While most rail traffic uses the former Santa Fe track 1/4 mile east of this location, until recently this particular line was active also. As of early 2004, the Pacific Coast Highway bridge was completed, and the line will be re-built and re-opened later in the year.

This photo shows the severed track just north of the Pacific Coa...
This photo shows the severed track just north of the Pacific Coast Highway (CA Route 1) grade crossing. The parallel street to the right is Alameda Street, and the bridge (behind the power poles) is the Alameda Corridor route along the former Santa Fe harbor line. Photo by Mike Palmer, 5/3/2003.
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