Georgetown and Lanes Railroad

Lane to Andrews, SC

The Georgetown and Lanes Railroad was built in 1882 between Georgetown and Lanes, SC; it connected at Lanes with the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad between Charleston and Florence, and to Sumter.

By 1915 the G&L had been absorbed by the Carolina, Atlantic and Western Railroad, by which track had been laid between Charleston and Hamlet, NC. It crossed the Georgetown-Lanes route at Andrews.

The Seaboard Air Line acquired the CA&W in 1915, and made the Charleston-Hamlet route the Eastern Carolina division north of Charleston, which remains in service with CSX. Georgetown's SAL branch line therefore had an SAL mainline serving it, and the Andrews-Lanes section apparently became essentially a redundant interchange track between SAL and ACL, as well as local service along the route.

On a 1928 soil survey map, the section was present, and indicated as "SAL." The section could not be seen on a 1939 large-scale state map. By 1943, a highway map definitively confirms it was removed; today, the appropriately-named Seaboard Road is in its place.

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