The Saint Clairsville Branch

Neffs to St. Clairsville, OH

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Baltimore & Ohio Railroad
Docket: 11205 5/12/1936 Section: 1
App. of B&O for authority to abandon as main track and the conversion into Industrial side track of that portion of its St. Clairsville Branch from Valuation Station 00 plus 00 at or near Neffs, Ohio to Valuation Station 189 plus 00 at or near Kimmel, Ohio, a distance of 3.41 miles; and to abandon and remove that portion of said branch extending from Val. Sta. 180 plus 00 to Val. Sta 346 plus 93, end of line; at St. Clairsville, Ohio, a distance of about 3.16 miles all located in Belmont County, Ohio; and to acquire the right to use under trackage arrangement that portion of the existing line of the Wheeling & Lake Erie Ry Co. extending from a point near Neffs Ohio to a point approximately 1 miles west of Val. Sta. 180 plus 00 on the St. Clairsville Branch, a distance of about 3.50 miles, all located in Belmont Co. Ohio.
Length: 6.57 miles 540 Citation: 224 ICC 236
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