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Greg Harrison

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This view shows the Pennsylvania RR right of way facing southeast in Fayetteville. This short segment of track, just south of US 30, appears to be for a rail car display. Two crossbucks are lying on the near end of the track. Photo by Mike Palmer, June 2003.

This line passed through mostly rural areas of southern Pennsylvania. It was a branch off of the Hagerstown, MD to Harrisburg, PA line. It survived into the Penn Central years (mid-1970s) but was abandoned before the startup of Conrail in 1976. In Fayetteville, US 30 crossed over the line with a single concrete arch bridge. Some walking paths have been created in the Fayetteville area, south of US 30, but they do not follow the former right-of-way. The paths also use a former railroad girder bridge in the area, but that bridge is also not in its original location. PA Route 997 parallels the former line for about three miles, between Mont Alto and Nunnery. The south end of the branch connected with the (also abandoned) Western Maryland at the north edge of Waynesboro; see Quinsonia, PA to Edgemont, MD.

Heading south from Waynesboro Junction, this PRR branch passed through Burgner, Woodstock, Fayetteville, East Fayetteville, Pond Bank, Mont Alto, Good (Knepper), Quincy, and Nunnery, and then ended at the WM Junction at Waynesboro. There was a spur to Mont Alto Park in Mont Alto.

The right-of-way is mostly on private property, and is not developed as a trail, although short segments are used as parts of driveways.

I'm not old enough to remember this railroad, but I've done a lot of research on it. It's a dream of mine to someday see this old line become a rail trail. I thinks it's neat that you have it on your site.

Jessica Gress
Waynesboro, PA


i noticed possible abandoned rail on the there any abandoned rail on the line?please let me know.thank you.

george oakley
reading, PA


their is an abbandon rail road in my back yard you can still see the train ties and if u walk them a little ways down you will see an little iron bridge.also if you go to montalto penn state campus their is an old loading station on the backside of the soccor field.

nate welsh
waynesboro, PA


thanks nate for the comments on this abandoned rail line.i looked at the map and saw that I am actually not that far away from this abandoned rail line.when I do get a reliable set of wheels I will visit the area and see what I can find.thanks again nate.

george oakley
reading, PA


That loading station was put in to load wagons with coal that was hauled up the the State Sanatorium at South Mountain. The soccer field, the old rifle range(big dirt bank) the area of Conklin Hall and the tennis courts, that whole area was the Mont Alto Iron Works, the CVRR tracks to the park ran through their also, the spur came in from behind the old science hall building and cut out toward Firey Siding out where the golf course is and then out through Pond bank.

Karl Feldmeyer
Mont Alto, PA


I was born in Waynesboro in 1958. My parents owned a house that from the back yard I could see a railroad tressel I think made of steel. Unfortunately I don't remember what road we lived on, seemed kind of busy. It was like on a hill and I would look down to the valley where the tressel was. Our next door neighbors at the time were the Clugstons, not sure of the spelling. I always wanted to go to that tressel. We moved to Greencastle and I never got the chance. Does anyone remember the tressel and is it still there? Talk to you soon, Scott

Scott Chaapel
Las Cruces, NM


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