The Glenn Springs Railroad

Roebuck to Glenn Springs, South Carolina

The Glenn Springs Railroad ran from Becca Station (now Roebuck) on the Charleston & Western Carolina line from Augusta to Spartanburg (now CSX), to Glenn Springs, with a water stop at Mathew Stone's Store, called "Stone Station". The line was said to be narrow gauge and was used to get people to the Glenn Springs Hotel and Mineral Springs.

The railroad opened in 1894 and the two car train made the nine mile trip from Roebuck to Glenn Springs at the cost of 75 cents for adults and 35 cents for children. Those riding this train would board a train in Spartanburg, take it to Roebuck, then board the train going to the springs (information from Seeing Spartanburg by Philip N. Racine). It is generally accepted that rail service stopped prior to World War I and was never resumed. The exact date of cessation is not known, however.

Another plan proposed, but never implemented, provided a link to this line from Pride Junction at Carlisle, through Buffalo and Union, via the Union and Glenn Springs Railroad. However, the U&GS never made it to Glenn Springs, and ultimately ended in Buffalo -- it is believed that the U&GS considered the many creeks and ravines to cross a costly proposition, and ended their line at Buffalo before further plans were made. The U&GS later became the Buffalo-Union Carolina Railroad. See also Buffalo to Pride.

This line ran very close to the road (SC Route 215) and parts of the old line can be seen today if one knows where to look.

Thanks to Shelly Lancaster for contributing information.

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I live on Stone Station Road (Hwy. 215)and think it is possible the railroad went through our property. I haven't been able to find a map or anything that shows the exact route. Do you know where I could find this information? I would appreciate any help.

Eugenia McDowell
Spartanburg, SC

I completed a research paper in 1977 concerning Glenn Springs and its long history (it was my senior thesis at the university of S.C.). I was especially fascinated with the railroad.....asking several area old-timers if they remembered any thing about the route from Roebuck-Stone Station-Pauline-Glenn Springs. Every one's memory was vague at best, but the general feeling was that it ran close to 215. I even did some excavating here and there close to the Glenn Springs township but could find no definite evidence of the roadbed. Last night I found a Spartanburg Herald article from 1953 on Google News Archives about this 9 mile section and the writer commented several sections were still visible in some of the wooded areas where there were cut thoroughs from the original grading. He also mentioned the engine seemed to strain on some of the grades and had a very high pitch whistle.I live in Plant City, Fl. now but grew up in Spartanburg and still retain a vivid interest in Spartanburg county history.

If I come across anything else, I will let you know! Thanks!

Laurence Reeve
Plant City, FL

I found a rail Road Spike in my unkles yard

Pauline sc, SC

Our family had relatives that worked on the railroad. My grandfather was Pickney Eubanks who ran Eubanks Grocery. The train ran thru Glen Springs and past where the Glen Springs Inn was before it burnt. I have the origional Picture of the Train that was passed down to me.

Gail Padgett
Pauline, SC

I can show the route the train traveled down highway 150 until itreached the depot.

Bill Shull
Glenn Springs, SC

Spartanburg county property tax search by map shows the railroad following SC 215 at McAbee Road and then crosses SC 215 to run between Otts Shoals Road and SC 215. Once you select a property at that intersection you can get the plat book numbers and enter them into another link on the Spartanburg County website. This allows you to see the old plats for that area.

Brad Thornton
Pacolet, SC