The Union Terminal Company

Interlocker Tower Abandonment

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States: Texas   
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Texas Interlocking Towers

The Union Terminal Company was served by these interlocker towers in Texas:

Nbr Location Railroads Type Authorized Retired Map
19 Dallas MKT, GC&SF, UT, DT    E 7/27/1903 1993
Moved to and preserved at the Age of Steam Museum, Dallas, TX
106 Dallas (North Tower) T&P, UT, MKT    P 4/26/1914
Tower still standing; used in tandem with Tower 107 to control Dallas Union Terminal; is being sought for use as part of The 6th Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza
107 Dallas (South Tower) MKT, StL&SW, UT, CRI&G, H&TC, StL&SF, T&NO    P 10/1/1916
Tower still standing; used in tandem with Tower 106 to control Dallas Union Terminal; two towers led to removal of Tower 57. Now owned by DART.

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