Speedway to Clermont


Map submitted by Mike Fromholt.

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Looking west, the eastern end of the abandoned track begins a quarter mile west from this crossing. This track is still used to service the Marathon oil facility. Photo by Bob Lemmon, August 2013.

Some of the old telltale signs of the old railroad bed are quickly disappearing with the re-development of downtown Speedway and the intersection of 16th, Georgetown and Speedway Main Street. Also changed with the new Crawfordsville road I-74/465 intersection.

Ted Howlett
Speedway, IN


TRAINS magazine did an interesting article about this segment. The NYC used to run shuttle trains for the Indy 500 from downtown and Crawfordsville. When Al Perlman, NYC president came to look at the operation firsthand, the city of Indianapolis was using city busses for shuttle service as well, in direct competition. He got on the phone, and got the legal department going on abandonment, and for train off notices for the shuttle service.

Tom Ketchum
Indianapolis, IN


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