Shamokin to Port Trevorton

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Greg Harrison

Construction on this railroad line began in 1850 by the Trevorton and Susquehanna Railroad, and was completed by 1855; it was later purchased by the Philadelphia and Reading Railroad. It served as a major coal route.

Originally, a covered bridge was used to cross the Susquehanna River between Herndon and Port Trevorton. At 3,460 feet long, it was feared that the bridge would eventually collapse, so it was replaced in 1870.

Today, many miles of the roadbed are still visible, along with stone walls and some overpasses in Trevorton. The bridge piers across the Susquehanna River are still evident in satellite imagery.

Towns along the route, starting in Shamokin, are Trevorton, Dorsife, Herndon, and Port Trevorton.

Thanks to Robert Lebo for contributing information about this route.

Just and FYI, it's Trevorton, not Treverton.

Chris Johnson
Sunbury, PA

[Thanks Chris, it's been corrected.  —Greg Harrison]


Actually, rail service to Port Trevorton ended about or before 1870. I have seen drawings of the river bridge from the period that indicate that it was NOT covered, but rather uncovered wooden Long trusses; thus it is likely the bridge deteriorated as a result of being uncovered. The traffic was coal being shipped to and by the Pennsylvania Canal, which was on the west shore of the river at this point.

Herdon-Dornsife 6.8 miles was abandoned by the Reading RR 6-17-1953;

Dornsife-Dunklebergers 3.4 miles abandoned 5-9-1966;

Dunklebergers to a point outside Trevorton, 2.5 miles, abandoned 5-9-1973.

Alexander D. Mitchell IV
Baltimore, MD


I own the property on 836 w railroad st

trevorton pa 17881

I am interested in buying the railroad bed that's in front of my house I was told it belonged to reading railroad but for the past year haven't found out to my knowledge before the railroad came through it was part of my property if so I would like to see if I could purchase it to make it part of my property again if you can help me in any way please email me thank you

lorrie morales
trevorton, PA


Alexander Mitchell, If you see this comment, I would like to see those drawings of the bridge. Where might they be accessed, if you can remember?

Larry Fink
Lock Haven, PA


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