Quinsonia, PA to Edgemont, MD


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Greg Harrison

This view shows the Western Maryland right of way facing southeast in Waynesboro. Photo by Mike Palmer, June 2003.

This line passed through mostly rural areas of southern Pennsylvania and northern Maryland, though there was some industry in Waynesboro. The connecting lines at the junctions at both ends of this abandoned segment are active CSX lines.

Branching from the former Western Maryland, now CSX, Hagerstown-Shippensburg line in Quinsonia (nee-Conboy), this route passed through Elbrook, Five Forks, Waynesboro, Cress and Midvale, PA, and on to Edgemont, MD, where it joined another former WM mainline. The line north of Waynesboro was in place until the 1980s. The southern segment, to Edgemont, MD, was abandoned in 1960.

The right of way is mostly on private property.

See also the The Waynesboro Branch in PA.

I live near this line. It was a big import/export for the Frick co. and the Landis Machine Co. It also was a major export for the mines in Mt Alto Pa. There are several interesting items still left including the stone trestle foundation and a stone bridge. My great great aunt was also killed in a train vs auto accident in the 1920s where it crossed PA 316

Waynesboro , PA


I have an article about the last train ride on the Edgemont Line. It was apparently very smooth riding. You can still see where the right of way was in some places. This is a great site. I'm glad the past can still be remembered.

Waynesboro, PA


my great grand father/mother lived across from the old station house in edgemont..he was mail supertndt. i have old photos ..interested inaquiring history of Edgemont,,,spent most of myy childhood there,have some knowledge;would like to know more

jacq staubs
edgemont, MD


I live on Old National Pike and our house had a plaque "Edgemont"... Would love to see pics of the Edgemont station and surrounding area and know more about the area if anyone has anything to share. Thanks! Trish.bits@yahoo.com

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