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Stewart, TN at the intersection of State Route 147, facing west. One of the few places (if not the only place) where any of the ties remain. Photo by Tommy Young, June 2013.

This former part of the L&N line from Memphis to Memphis Junction, KY, on the Louisville to Nashville main was abandoned around 1985. A section from McKenzie to Henry is abandoned, then from Paris through Springville, Big Sandy, Faxon, Bass Bay, Danville, McKinnon, Stewart, Tennessee Ridge (with an abandoned spur to Carlisle and Bear Spring), Erin, Dolomite, Cumberland City, Sailors Rest, Carbondale, Palmyra, Hematite (where a branch left to the south and ultimately Pond), Steelers and into Zinc.

The following site contains fascinating information on the relocation of this line when Kentucky Lake was formed on the Tennessee River. It also contains pictures of the most recent abandonment (the sections around Kentucky Lake have actually been abandoned twice!). A portion of the Houston County Railroad Bridge remains in place in Kentucky Lake.

Actually, the railroad is still in place from Zinc to Cumberland City. It serves the TVA steam plant and a small industrial park there.

Tommy Young
Paris, TN


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