Ottawa Lake to Riga

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Greg Harrison

This short abandonment was part of the Lake Shore and Michigan Southern Railway's mainline between Buffalo, NY, and Chicago, IL; it became famous as forming the western portion of the New York Central's famed Water Level Route. Most of the Water Level Route is still in use today, mostly by CSX (the eastern half) and Norfolk Southern (the western half); however, there are a few segments that are abandoned, such as this one between Ottawa Lake and Riga, in Michigan.

See also Adrian to Hillside.

The line still leaves Airline yard in Toledo going to Mi.. The NS uses it to a ADM elevator in Ottawa Lake, Mi. From there to the DT&I main in Riga is gone. Pulled by Conrail in 83 to 85.

Richard Roberts


Google Michigan state rail plan. Then under documents rail projects and under that project 106. It will not happen but the NS rebuilt their end last year from Vulcan to Nasby on the terminal.



the Adrian and Blissfield are going to relay track on this segment in order to reach Toledo,Ohio

michael thoma
neillsville, WI


Why can't Norfolk Southern pay to rebuild it? If I had money I would donate it to ADBF, and I would do labor myself. Get it done. Just Do It!!!

Joshua Niederkohr
Holland, OH


To be accurate the railroad in riga that was owned b DT&I is now operated by the Indiana & Ohio Railway which is owned by G&W.

Sorry for the confusion Mr. Roberts.

Joshua Niederkohr
Holland, OH


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