NYC's Franklin Division

Franklin, PA to Cleveland, OH

Thanks to Paul Stumpff for contributing information.

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I grew up in Stoneboro, Pa and spent most of my life hunting, hiking, riding, and playing along the Franklin Division of the NYC. I know it well from Stoneboro to Belmar in the East and Stoneboro to Andover in the west. My Grandfather retired from Conrail and told me how he used to drive his motorcar on the tracks. His territoty went all the way to Rose. He then transferred to the Mahoning Branch and his turf was from Wick to Youngstown. Really enjoyed the article; it brings back lots of fond memories.

Jason Sippola
Sharon, PA

I frequently ride the Rails to Trails around and trrough Franklin & Oil City, Pa. I have found an LSMS Land Line marker on the Sandy Creek trail between Rockland Road and Van.

Butch Mealy
Cortland, OH

The article states this line was the last major crail construction in Pennsylvania. This is not true as the Pittsburgh & West Virginia;s Connellsville extension opened in 1932, the Western Maryland built from Cumberland, MD to Connellsville in the teens, and two lines were constructed out of Waynesburg, south to Blacksville in the mid 1960 and west to Bailey Mine in 1984.

Jeffery Ward
Rankin, PA

I regret that I made that error about later rail projects in the Commonwealt. Thank you for the further dates. If I had checked one of my references on a lower shelf I would have seen about the P&WV extension from its Wabash Terminal roots [IIRC]. The JF&C still is pretty late in the game considering its location. I forgot how to correct articles and I don't get to web browse too much.

Paul Stumpff
Geneva, OH

>Some trackage exists at the Wolf's Head refinery in Reno, >which may be last part of J&F left.

That track to the former refinery is gone and has been since the early 2000s. Also, there was a short spur to Mooney Chemicals that crossed Rt. 8/62. It may have been a NYC track. It too is now gone. I don't think any of the J&F is left in PA.

Ron Mele
Pinson, AL

Thank you, Ron, for updating information on J&F trackage at Reno. As you said, that about finishes the J&F.

Today, rode on Ashtabula Special powered by NKP 765 on Low Grade. It is amazing the way vegatation has taken over evidence of the High Grade. Many did not know how the development of the Franklin Division was spurred by oil before ore and coal became prominent.

I have to update this compilation with more information and corrections. Thank you for your contributions.

Paul Stumpff
Geneva, OH