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Last train to Mineral Bluff! The rails are still in place to Mineral Bluff from Murphy Jct., but CSX abandoned this section in the late 1980s. Photo by Steve Scofield.

Built as part of the Marietta & North Georgia, the line reached Murphy, NC, in about 1886 and a connection with what became the Southern Railway. This was originally supposed to be part of a line to Knoxville, but the MNG pushed north from Murphy Jct. (NE of Blue Ridge) to reach a line being extended S from Knoxville via Etowah, TN. That line became the famous L &N Hook & Eye route. It would seem that this line between Asheville and Atlanta would have formed a short cut versus trains taking the Southern route via Saluda to the main line in Spartanburg. But this line was very curvy and had bad grades... not efficient to use at all. The L & N abandoned the section between Mineral Bluff and Murphy in the late 1970s. From Mineral Bluff, the line went through Coles Crossing, Sweet Gum, Culberson, NC, Notla, Ranger, Channing, Kinsey, Old Murphy and into Murphy and the connection with Southern.

Thank you for this site. During the terrible floods in western North Carolina (I think it was 1916)this was the sole link of supply to all of Asheville and the surrounding area since the tracks from Old Fort and points east, Knoxville nad points west and the tracks from Spartanburg had all been washed out. Supplies came from Atlanta via this link to Murphy,N.C. and then east to Asheville,NC. One small (but indpendent) line was from Robbinsville,NC to the the junction of the Southern at Topton,NC. It was standard gauge but since some of the tracks were a 7% grade, they used Shay engines which were still in use through the early 70s.

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You should see the Mineral Bluff depot now. It has been renovated and looks great. There is a model train club in it.

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