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Greg Harrison

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Remains of bridge over Copper River, near Haddonfield, NJ. Photo by Bill L, November 2007.

Historic ICC Abandonment Filings

Docket Number: 8716 Date: 3/19/1931 Section: 1
App. of West Jersey and Seashore RR. Co. and the Pennsylvania RR. Co., lessee, for a certificate authorizing the abandonment of that portion of the Medford Branch of the West Jersey & Seashore RR. extending from Haddonfield, Camden County, to Medford, Burlington County, New Jersey, a distance of 11 miles.
Length: 11 miles Citation: 175 ICC 105  

There is still evidence of this RR that still exsist. The large concrete pillars that used to support the bridge that carried the tracks across the cooper river are still standing, adjacent to the Haddonfield public works compound.

Bill L
Cherry Hill, NJ


Likewise to Bill L's comment there are remains of the RR bridge that crossed a stream behind the gas station on Haddonfield Road across from Old Ice House Lane.

Concrete pieces with bolts can be spotted presumably used for signs or signal posts and very old railroad ties can be found in the woods where Evans Lane used to intersect with Springdale Road, adjacent to north side of Springdale farms land. The ROW ran adjacent to the old Evans road alignment.

Phil H
Voorhees, NJ


With a sharp eye, you can still see where the line crossed Marlkress Road in Cherry Hill, between Riding Road and Gate Drive.



In addition, "Old Covered Bridge Road" at Kresson Rd was built on the PM&M right of way, so you can see the angle of the line how it crossed Kresson Road, and also where "Orchard" station was.



NJ 70 uses the ROW from the Camden/Burlington County line until just before Main St. in Medford. Nothing remains except the station in Medford, which is being used as a doctor's office.

Cpt. Cranky
Laurel Springs, NJ


I played softball for many years right next to Evans Lane on Springdale Rd. The property belongs to Bethel Baptist Church - the line ran pretty much right across where home plate is. Not sure I have ever seen ties back in the woods, but I have done some exploring back there.

George H
Audubon, NJ


Too bad for the commuters in all those cars inching along Route 70 where it turns into a 2 lane road east of Marlton. If we had saved this railroad they could have ridden to work in Philly and been home an hour ago.

Haddonfield, NJ


In Medford the depot yet stands as a reminder of past time when trains were king. It was used for many purposes over the years, yet in good shape but greatly modified by mans uses. The old freight Station was made into a home then abandoned to stand a with regular front door, saw many like that over the years. Much railroad remains in Medford to this day. Sorry to say all track gone to my sorrow

Willard flanagan
Camden, NJ


Looks like the line can be traced all the way up to the railroad along Marne Highway near Lumberton from where it looks like it crosses Rt. 70 next to the Indian Chief Tavern. It's pretty easy to find the path on Google Earth.

I can forward the Google Earth KMZ file to whoever wishes to see the path. Old Marlton Branch RailRoad.kmz

Cherry Hill, NJ


Hi Bob. Could you forward that to me at sachs107@verizon.net ? I will try to walk and record it this weekend with my boys. Thanks.

Sean S
Cherry Hill , NJ


Took a couple of photos of the bridge that crosses the Rancocas Creek South branch in Lumberton yesterday. It seems to be in good shape after all these years.

Robert Ely
Cherry Hill, NJ


I work at the docs office in Medford, the old train station. There are still tracks remaining in the side of the building. Always gives me the creeps! Really cool to see them!!

Freida Smith
Pine Hill , NJ


My father, George Kraus, purchased the Jay Wilkins property on Old Marlton Pike (now 202 OMP and only 4.5 acres) in 1941 from Eph & Alice Tomlinson (nee Wilkins). Am doing a profile of the house in order to get an historical marker. I was born there and we owned it until 1962. Does anyone out there have any old photos of the railroad construction that might show the Farm and House as it existed during the life of the railroad station at Melrose Cornor? Any images would be greatly appreciated. Any one interested please check the Profile of the "FARM" on Ancestry.com. Thanks so very much. Karen Kraus (Bisignano) McBride.

Karen McBride
Bald Head Island, NC



Go to historicaerials.com. The area is flown over pretty well back to 1931. Some of the years are grainy but you will get an idea of how things looked back then.

Walter Imhof
Manorville, NY


Shortened Link: http://a-r.us/s8v

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