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Greg Harrison

Originally part of the Fort Wayne, Jackson and Saginaw Railroad, this line was sold to the Michigan Central Railroad as part of a buyout of the line (the tracks south of Jackson were sold to the Lake Shore & Michigan Southern Railway). It was abandoned under Conrail's ownership in 1977.

Not much of the right-of-way can be easily found today.

Thanks to Richard Roberts for contributing information about this route.

Right of way can be seen south of Owosso and along m52 South of Owosso. A trestle can be seen on the west side of M52 about 3 miles south of Owosso.

Dennis Tomlinson
Owosso, Mi, MI


I've found a few more bits of this line west of laingsburg i believe it is

mike m
durand , MI


While maybe not apparent in other places, at least within Lansing and Lansing Township, the right-of-way is VERY visible. A significant stretch of it is neatly maintained directly north of Lake Lansing Road (and west of High Street) where it runs behind some industrial business. By whom, I'm not sure. I think Conrail still owns it. According to the map above, I guess this is where the yard used to be.

Even when the line then turns a bit more to the east you can make out the ROW all the way through to the Hawk Hollow golf course in East Lansing's Northern Tier region. It's really not until it crosses I-69 that it begins to fade.

Lansing, MI


I live in the house next to the trestle Dennis spoke of! It's dated 1927. Still very solid to this day

Marty H
Owosso, MI


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