The Galveston Harrisburg & San Antonio Railroad

Interlocker Tower Abandonment

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This abandoned route has associated pictures. Passenger Station (Hondo, Texas)
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Texas Interlocking Towers

The Galveston Harrisburg & San Antonio Railroad was served by these interlocker towers in Texas:

Nbr Location Railroads Type Authorized Retired Map
A Galveston (Galveston Wharves) GH&SA, GC&SF, GH&H    M 1898
Located at 36th Street
2 San Antonio SA&AP, GH&SA    M 10/9/1902 1926
Consolidated into Tower 112
3 Flatonia GH&SA, SA&AP    M 10/9/1902 1996
Preserved in Flatonia as part of Flatonia Rail Park
6 El Paso (Union Depot) GH&SA, EP&SW    M 1/23/1903 1950
Consolidated into Tower 196 in 1950
12 Houston (Blodgett) GH&SA, SA&AP    E 7/4/1903 1915
14 Houston (Chaney Junction) H&TC, GH&SA    E 7/15/1903
17 Rosenberg GH&SA, GC&SF    E 7/23/1903 2/10/2004
Last traditional operating tower in Texas; in operation until February 10, 2004. Moved to and preserved at Rosenburg Railroad Museum.
30 Harrisburg GH&H, PTA, GH&SA    M 12/31/1903
Also known as "Katy Neck"
33 Bay City GH&SA, CB    E 2/18/1904 1954
38 Galveston GC&SF, GH&H, GH&SA    E 5/16/1904
Located at 49th street; also known as the "Z-Track" tower
40 Luling GH&SA, SA&AP    M 6/20/1904 1931
Moved a short distance from its original location and modified to serve as a gas station
47 El Paso T&P, GH&SA, EP&SW    M 7/11/1904
Still standing in its original location
66 El Paso (Union Depot) EP&SW, GH&SA    11/8/1906 1928
Consolidated into Tower 6 in 1928
68 Houston (Englewood Yard) GH&SA, T&NO    M 3/3/1907
First "yard tower" to be registered; it controlled Englewood Yard with neighboring tower 87. Removed in August, 2010.
73 Texas City (Texas City Junction) GH&H, GH&SA    M 2/18/1907
81 Houston (T&NO Junction) GH&SA, GC&SF    M 5/7/1910
86 Houston (Magers) HB&T, GH&SA    E 3/18/1912
Consolidated into Tower 199
89 Houston GH&SA, GC&SF    M 1912 1918
Mysterious tower that may have never existed; Tower 139 served in its place
90 Victoria StLB&M, GH&SA    M 1/3/1913 1972
Abandonments: Victoria to Beeville   
96 Galveston (Island-Causeway) GH&SA, GC&SF, GH&H    E 9/6/1912
97 Galveston (Lift Bridge-Causeway) GH&H, GHE, GC&SF, GH&SA    E 10/23/1912
The only interlocking tower still in operation. Unusual arrangement as it controls two railroad lines and a boat channel
98 Virginia Point (Causeway) GH&SA, GC&SF, GHE, GH&H    P 10/14/1912
99 Galveston (Galveston Terminal) GH&SA    E 4/29/1914 1915
Incosistent records indicate that this tower may have been in operation for only 5 months.
102 Houston (Magnolia Park) GH&SA, I-GN    C 3/31/1915 1963
104 Houston (Bellaire Junction) H&TC, SA&AP, GH&SA    11/1/1915 1926
105 San Antonio GH&SA, I-GN    M 4/29/1916
112 San Antonio SAB&T, GH&SA    E 12/30/1919
114 Sugar Land GH&SA, SL    M 10/25/1923 1990
115 Eagle Lake SA&AP, CB, GH&SA    E 7/22/1924 1990
121 San Antonio (East Yard) GH&SA    E 4/10/1925 2/27/2001
Destroyed by arson's fire, January 16, 2003
134 Houston (Pierce Junction) GH&SA, I-GN    C 3/27/1929
152 Wharton GC&SF, GH&SA    C 7/5/1929 1984
Cabin-type interlocker still in place
156 Allenhurst GH&SA, StLB&M    C 8/2/1929 9/26/1932
Possibly the shortest-lived tower, operational for 2 to 3 years
157 Blessing StLB&M, GH&SA    C 8/27/1929 1985
158 Placedo GH&SA, StLB&M    C 10/1/1929

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