The Fort Worth & Denver Railroad

Interlocker Tower Abandonment

Markers show approximate centers of abandoned routes.

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Greg Harrison


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States: Texas   
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Texas Interlocking Towers

The Fort Worth & Denver Railroad was served by these interlocker towers in Texas:

Nbr Location Railroads Type Authorized Retired Map
141 Lubbock FW&D, P&SF, P&NT   
165 Corsicana FW&D, TE   
171 Acme FW&D, QA&P   
Abandonments: Traces of the Quanah, Acme & Pacific Railway   
179 Shamrock FW&D, CRI&P   
198 Henrietta FW&D, MKT   
209 Amarillo FW&D, CRI&P    1958
212 Lockney FW&D, P&SF   

Pictures of the Fort Worth & Denver Railroad

Showing of

Fort Worth & Denver/Burlington Route bridge across Texas State Highway 183. This bridge is no longer used, and the tracks that once traveled over it are gone. The BNSF Fort Worth sub crosses on the bridge in the background. Photo by Greg Harrison.

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