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This line was abandoned in two parts: Between Englewood and Tellico Plains in the early 1980s, and between Athens and Englewood in the first part of the 2000s. In 1997, these bridge piers over US Route 411 in Englewood serve as evidence of the line's former presence through the town; they have since been removed during the widening of the highway. The active CSX (ex-L&N) Knoxville - Atlanta mainline is behind the camera; photo is facing east. Photo by Mike Palmer, 1997.

The remainder of the branch to Athens has now been abandoned and removed. Only the wye in Englewood survives. The bridge piers shown in the picture have also been removed to widen hwy 411. The Athens portion of the branch is to be converted to a trail.

Josh Monroe
Athens, TN

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This line hauled wood products out from a connection with the Babcock Lumber Company railroad in Tellico Plains in the early years. Babcock ran log trains pulled by Shay locomotives into forest that is now part of the Cherokee National Forest. Sources:

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