The Muskegon Branch

Grand Rapids to Walker, MI

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Pennsylvania Railroad
Docket: 21183 6/23/1960 Section: 1(18) &
Application for authority to (1) abandon a portion of their Muskegon Branch, extending in a northwesterly direction 7.31 miles from its connection with the main track of the Grand Rapids Branch at Muskegon Junction, M.P. 0.00 to Walker, Mich., M.P. 7.31, in Kent and Ottawa Counties, Mich., of which 4.76 miles from Muskegon Junction to Kenney is to remain in service as an industrial lead track; and (2) auth. to. acquire trackage rights over the line of the Grand Trunk Western Ry. Co. between Fuller & Walker, in Kent & Ottawa Counties, Mich., a dist. of 7.23 miles.
Length: 7.31 miles 435

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