The Marcola Branch

Hendricks to Hyland, OR

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Southern Pacific Railroad
Docket: 20758 8/7/1959 Section: 1(18)
App. and R. to Q. for auth. to(l) abandon that portion of its Marcola Branch, extending from M.P. 649.36 at or near Hendricks, to a point at or near the end of said line at M.P. 659.81 at or near Hyland, a dist. of 10.45 miles in Lane County, Oregon, together with certain sidings, spur tracks and appurtenances and (2) the right to operate upon said portion pursuant to an agreement with Weyerhaeuser Timber Co., and for approval of such agreement.
Length: 10.45 miles 228 Citation: 307 ICC 812

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