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Ghost Railroads of Nebraska - A Pictorial

This is a wonderful resource in the tradition of Erwin Sulzer's Ghost Railroad books. The authors start with a history of Nebraska's railroads and then move on to document interurbans, narrow gauge lines, industrial railroads and urban short lines. The book covers the abandonments of Nebraska's large class 1 railroads and their predecessors: Burlington Northern & Sante Fe, Chicago & North Western, Missouri Pacific, Rock Island, Union Pacific, and short-line spin-offs that did not survive. There are lots of great pictures (it's a pictorial after all) and maps, and the write-ups provide historical information on the lines as well as other very interesting information. The book is well-researched and includes a bibliography and index. The quality of printing and bookbinding is excellent. This is truly the definitive book on abandoned railroads in Nebraska. (96 pages) Cost - $24.95

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