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Bayview, California
(Abandoned Spurs)

States: California      Railroads: SP   

This abandoned route has associated pictures.
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Blackledge River Bridge; note the lower piers of the original bridge, and the raised piers of the current 1907 bridge, when the NH upgraded the line. Photo by Aaron M., June 2011.

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August 21, 2016: Long-time fans of this Abandoned Rails website will remember that I took a "sabbatical" of sorts back in 2013, and have not really updated the site since. While my passion for abandoned railroads and their history has never diminished, the time I afford to this website has, sad to say. It was nice to take a break (both physically and emotionally) from this website that is a labor of love, but perhaps it's time to get back in the saddle.

If you've sent me an email in the past couple of years, I apologize for not getting back with you. There are simply too many emails for me to devote my consideration and time to respond. Please know that I do read them.

I can't say that the website will be back to its former pace (wherein I was posting multiple abandonments a week), but hopefully the stirrings within me for this pasttime will be great enough this time for me to continue. We'll see.

Until then, I hope that you keep visiting the site and continue submitting your comments, as you have, to each of the abandoned routes presented herein, and please visit the random abandonment below.


Greg Harrison
Fort Worth, TX

This abandoned route has historical information.This abandoned route has a map.This abandoned route has associated pictures. Hepzibah to Midville, Keysville to Sandersville
States: Georgia   Railroads: SR, G&F, CGRR, SC&G, AG&S, ASRR   

Recent Comments

Walter Imhof commented on The Bellwood Branch : Don't know if that's the branch they are talking about. Where the derelict cars are (they can be seen from Google Maps) was intact well into the Penn Central days. This was once the northern part, and exit, of the yard.
About an hour ago

Daniel Morrison commented on Curtiss to Paul Spur : I'm the current and one of two who resides in the only structure still standing at Forrest AZ. The Forrest Siding Station and Depot. In the few years we have lived here we have heard many stories about the station. If this place could talk. One such…

Daniel Morrison commented on Curtiss to Paul Spur : I'm the current and one of two who resides in the only structure still standing at Forrest AZ. The Forrest Siding Station and Depot. In the few years we have lived here we have heard many stories about the station. If this place could talk. One such…

Tyler Stauss commented on The Bellwood Branch : Does anyone know exactly what the PRR would have used the area back there for including the bridge that crosses over the current mainline? My friends and I just explored there today and a lot is unknown and makes no sense about the abandoned tracks south…

Chuck Jones commented on The Los Angeles Terminal Railway : The most complete description of the LATR that I have found is at Like many other railways the lineage is complex. A more complete map can be found on a 1902 version USGS map. The rail ran to Terminal Island as well as…

Chuck Jones commented on Culver Junction to Alla : Appears to follow Pacific Electric line.

Chuck Jones commented on Santa Monica to Port Los Angeles : You can see this on Calabasas, CA, 1:62,500 quad, 1903, USGS available at USGS topoView. Exact gps location is a little off, but you can adjust to topography. As Josh states I can see no remnants using Google Earth.

Tim LaPosa commented on Savage to Lakeville : This needs to be updated from abandoned to out of service, the line is still going to be used in the future, it is giving people the wrong idea.

Geoff commented on Fort Wayne, IN to Findlay, OH : I've found some old maps of Allen County from 1907 that show this line's entrance into Fort Wayne. Check them out in the link below. Look specifically at the maps for Adams, Jefferson, and Jackson townships. The pole line at Townley appears to have been…

Jason commented on The Beetox Branch : I live in Ventura county where exactly is the beetox branch?
3 days ago

George Andrews commented on The Tustin Branch : I am a native of Orange County, CA., and lived in Villa Park from 1971 to 1985. My mother continued to live in Villa Park until her death in 2008. The family house was adjacent to Mrs. Spenyettia's ( sp? ) orange grove at the NE corner of Taft Ave &…
3 days ago

Bob commented on The Bellwood Branch : Last time I was in the area, the abandoned, overturned cars where still there. And you can still access it off Riggles Gap Road coming north from Pinecroft. I park just north of the main line and walk up the access road by the water treatment facility ~…
3 days ago

Chuck Jones commented on The Sierra Branch : One of the bridges in the movie "Stand by Me" is located at 41° 0.887'N 121° 37.112'W
3 days ago

Chuck Jones commented on The Sierra Branch : As per the Sierra Branch link above the entire McCloud River Railway has been abandonded.
3 days ago

Don commented on Little Falls to Morris : When I was young, my grandparents lived very close to this line in Sauk Centre. I can recall seeing short trains still using this line in the mid to late 80s. Grandpa said they were local trains that went by once per day. That said, I do also recall the…
3 days ago

Rebecca commented on The "M" Line : @Elton.....does that mean the steam locomotive (currently in the field) is planned to be a part of the museum exhibit?
4 days ago

Chuck Jones commented on The Kurand Branch : As far as I can tell from USGS maps this is on the Fruto Branch. Kurand is about 5.1 miles west of Willows.
5 days ago

Elton commented on The "M" Line : Sorry, email add didn't show up;
5 days ago

Elton commented on The "M" Line : The Roosevelt Railroad (MP 9.2 to MP 16.8) is not "closed for good", nor is it, or has it ever been legally "abandoned". There seems to be a lot of rumor and speculation floating around. I will say that we have plans for the Railroad in process. Feel…
5 days ago

Jimmy young commented on The Pacific Coast Railway : Great work rail fans! My email is
5 days ago

Chuck Jones commented on The Glen Ellen Branch : Haven't found much on the prismoidal railroad on the internet. Not even pictures.
6 days ago

Chuck Jones commented on The River Farms Branch : Unable to locate Boyer. In which direction from Knights Landing Junction is it?
7 days ago

Jon Linscheid commented on Saint Cloud to Brook Park : wonder if there are any pics of the old roundhouse and engine shop in Milaca.
7 days ago

Joe Blow commented on Citrus Springs to Lacoochee : This is now an awesome 46 mile long bike trail
7 days ago

Chuck Jones commented on The Angels Branch : This route can be mapped using USGS historic map kmz downloads 100k scale (actually 125k)to Google Earth. Dates of maps are from 1898 to 1902.
8 days ago

AJ Lynch commented on Mulvane to Viola : This line actually went as far west as Rago, KS. I assume the western segment was abandoned much later as the ROW is still pretty noticeable, while I had to use topo maps from the 1880's to trace the eastern segment. My trace is here, if you're…
8 days ago

Bob P. commented on Rutland to Forbes : My grandparents used to live in Ellendale. I used to watch the BN switch cars at the station when I was younger in the 70's. The GN depot is owned by a man that works and rebuilds classic cars inside the depot. The Milw depot I believe is still a museum.…
8 days ago

Mike commented on The Maryland & Pennsylvania Railroad : I remember the last run of the Ma & Pa and put my penny on the tacks as a souvenir at the Bel Air Station. I love it that they have a marker in the woods below the Kelly House where the train would stop to pick up Dr. Kelly for his daily trip into Johns…
8 days ago

Jason commented on Benton to Pine Bluff : My wife grew up in Prague, which you can see in the map above, along a gravel road that was the abandoned ROW for this branch of the MP.
9 days ago

Jack Smith commented on Burbank to Fairfax : I worked for Halliburton and lived in Fairfax 1954 to 1958 and remember the trains coming through every night around 10 oclock. You could tell when the train was coming becuase every dog in town would start barking. I think the turbo chargers hurt thier…
10 days ago

walt white commented on The Cloud-Climbing Railroad : We used to party on the bridge during high school! Thank God no one ever got hurt!1968 there was a town below the bridge called tobogon,my Grandfather worked at the first lodge and helped build the second one. he worked there for over eighty years. Paul…
10 days ago

Dave Gloeckle commented on Saint Charles to Galena : Hey Mr. Rick Hess It is really great that you had added the Information concerning The South Freeport/Dunbar location to this CGW RR Website.I kind of thought an Airport took the area over. I prefer Train Travel over the Airlines anyday. Good info…
11 days ago