The Westwood Branch

Susanville to Mason, CA

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Southern Pacific Railroad
Docket: 23732 7/13/1965 Section: 1(18)
Appl. for auth. to abandon that portion of its Westwood branch, Oregon Divn., betw. M.P. 381.9 at or near Susanville, and M.P. 407.166 at or near Mason, all in Lassen Co., Calif., a dist. of approx. 25.266 miles.
Length: 25.266 miles 253
Southern Pacific Railroad
Docket: AB-12 Sub 35 6/30/1976 Section: 1a
Application filed for authority to abandon line extending from MP 381.900 near Susanville in a westerly direction to the end of the branch at railroad MP 412.433 near Westwood, a distance of 30.533 miles in Lassen County, California. (This Includes the stations of Gouzman, Westwood Jct., Mason and Westwood)
Length: 30.533 miles 320
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