The Schuylkill Branch

Philadelphia to Delano Junction, PA

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Pennsylvania Railroad
Docket: 23736 7/16/1965 Section: 1(18)
Application for authority to abandon all operations over that portion of the branch north of Pottsville to Gowen, a distance of 40.86 miles, in the following manner: abandon (1) physically that portion of its Schuylkill Branch extending northerly from M.P. 95/2391 above Pottsville to M.P. 101/4690 at Morea, a distance of 6.46 miles, (2) all operations over the Schuylkill Branch and over connecting Catawissa Branch from M.P. 95/2391 at Pottsville to Catawissa Branch M.P. 43 at Tomhicken, a distance of 36.01 miles; (3)trackage rights over (a) Lehigh Valley RR. from Delano west to Mt. Carmel, a distance of 22.80 miles and (b) over the Reading Co. from Wetherill Junction west to Frackville, a distance of 3.08 miles and; (4) to sell to Lehigh Valley the segment from Morea to Newton (the Morea Branch), and also the northern-most portion from Tomhicken to Gowen, and certain inactive trackage rights which are collateral to and indirectly related to the above operation and which have not been used during the last few
Length: 40.86 miles 461

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