The San Bruno Branch

Daly City to Baden, CA

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Southern Pacific Railroad
Docket: 16264 9/7/1948 Section: 1(18)
App. of Southern Pacific. Railroad Company and Southern Pacific Company to abandon a portion of the San Bruno Branch owned by the former company and operated by the latter company extending between Elkton Station and Bernal Station within the City and County of San Francisco, California, approximately 1.041 miles in length.
Length: 1.041 miles 270 Citation: 271 ICC 807
Southern Pacific Railroad
Docket: AB 12 Sub 47 10/4/1976 Section: 1a
Application filed for authority to abandon a portion of its San Bruno Branch between MP 7.39 near Daly City, and MP 10.80 near Baden, a distance of 3.41 miles in San Mateo County, Calif.
Length: 3.41 miles 331
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