The Creamery Branch

Normal Junction to Tempe, AZ

This line was abandoned 1954. Aerial photos from 1949 show that this spur was at that time used for storing surplus rolling stock. The ICC filing officially abandoned the entire former Phoenix and Eastern ROW from Normal Junction to the Hayden Flour Mill, as well as all remnants of the former Maricopa and Phoenix trackage (trackage along 8th to the old Creamery as well as the trackage connecting to the main at the old Mesa Junction). The remaining parts of the route would still be used until the 1990s, but from that point were considered to be industrial trackage and so not bound by ICC filing.

See also The Mesa Branch.

ICC Filings Section
Southern Pacific Railroad
Docket: 18809 12/31/1954 Section: 1(18)
App. of Arizona Eastern Railroad Company and Southern Pacific Company for permission to the former to remove a portion of its Creamery Branch and to the latter to abandon operation over the entire Creamery Branch extending westerly from Normal Junction to Tempe, in Maricopa County, Arizona, approx. 2.193 miles (the portions of track retained will be used as spur track).
Length: 2.193 miles 218
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