Casper Air Base to Lander, WY

This abandoned railway line was built by C&NW subsidiary Wyoming & Northwestern from Casper to Shoshoni, Riverton, and into Lander. The line was started in 1905 and reached Lander in 1906. The line paralleled the Burlington from Casper to Powder River. Towns on the line were Cadoma, Ilco, Bucknum, Natrona, Powder River, Waltman, Hiland (Wolton), Vonnie (Richards), Moneta, Ocla, Shoshoni, Minfield, Neble, Farmers Siding (Wahaba), Delfelder, Laird, Riverton, Arapahoe, Hudson, Hudson Siding, and into Lander. The section between Casper Air Base and Shoshoni was reportedly abandoned in 1943, and the metal recycled for the war effort. The last passenger train ran to Lander in 1943. C&NW reached the segment from Shoshoni to Lander via trackage rights on the CB&Q after that point. The section from Riverton to Lander was abandoned in 1973. The Bad Water Line purchased the section from Shoshoni to Riverton from C&NW in 1995. Most of that section was susequently abandoned. A small section is still operated around Shoshoni.

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