Wandin Junction to Heilwood

The Yellow Creek Branch

The abandoned railroad route between Wandin Junction and Heilwood, known as The Yellow Creek Branch, of which 1.75 miles have been abandoned, was once operated in Pennsylvania by the Pennsylvania Railroad.

Historic ICC Abandonment Filings

Docket Number: 19670 Date: 2/18/1957 Section: 1(18)
App. for auth. to abandon a portion of its so-called Yellow Creek Branch extending from Valuation Station 211/20 to its terminus at Valuation Station 303/40 a dist. of 1.75-mi. together with 0.10 mi. of sidetrack between Valuation Station 216/45 and 211/20 located in Brush Valley Township, Indiana County, Pa. and operation thereon.
Length: 1.75 miles Citation: 295 ICC 826  

The "branch" that was abandoned was indeed the Yellow Creek Branch, which was merely a continuation of the Possum Glory Branch running from Wandin to Heilwood. Heilwood was originally named Possum Glory, being renamed circa 1912. The CT&D never renamed the branch.

Henry Statkowski
Cherry Tree, PA


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