Cheraw, SC to Wadesboro, NC


(Forwarded from the Winston-Salem Southbound Railway)

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The former Cheraw to Wadesboro line as it crosses SC 9 in Cheraw. Railroad power pole still exists to the left, and the foundation of the crossing signal is on the right.

This section was constructed before 1870 as part of an extension of the Cheraw and Darlington Railroad. This construction was possibly part of the Cheraw and Salisbury and Cheraw & Coal Fields Railroads. The C&D was pulled into the ACL of SC in 1897, and then became part of the ACL in 1900.

The line gained new importance by 1910 when the Winston-Salem Southbound Railway was built as a joint venture between the ACL and the Norfolk and Western between Winston-Salem and Wadesboro. This line formed a route by which coal and other products from central North Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia made their way down to Charleston via Cheraw, Darlington, Florence and then on the old Northeastern Railroad to Charleston. With the merger of ACL and SAL in 1967, this line became unnecessary as tonnage from the W-SS could access the former SAL main at Wadesboro and then make its way to Charleston by other routes. SCL abandoned this section in the mid-1970s.

Towns on the abandoned line from Cheraw going north are Laney, McFarlane, Morven and to W-S Junction just east of Wadesboro.

That photo of the SC 9 crossing is of my backyard! Even though the crossing is gone, the tracks are gone, and the feed mill that the tracks serviced is gone, one lonely RR Crossing sign still stands on Market Street facing to the west.

George Proctor
Cheraw, SC


When I lived here from 76 thru 80 the Carolina feed mill was still being serviced. In 76 their would still be a train now and then from Wadesboro.

George Proctor SR
Lumberton, NC


Being a truck driver I see my fair share of abandoned rail lines throughout the southeast and I just have to say Cheraw is a small goldmine for guys who want to go explore old lines. I would love to if I could buy maybe someone from the area could go snap some pictures of the other lines and spurs in town?

Brent H
Graham, NC


the line was in place in 1980. The WSS steam trip turned on the wye which was the connection from WSS to ACL ( SCL).

Jeff Miller
winston-salem, NC


In early 1940's my mother would take me from where we lived on the Watson place across the fields and woods on Mr.Clyde Laneys place to this raildroad which took us to Laney siding where she would buy snuff.Had to be Railroad Mills snuff. Nothing else would do. She would sometimes have

enough to get a Red Rock cola and then we would head back up that railroad cut back across the woods the field to the house. Life was good.

Boss Hanna
Cheraw,SC, SC


As late as 1993, the section at Cheraw still exist from the Seaboard crossing well across SC 9. In addition to the feed mill, the stub had also served a few other businesses (I believe a scrap dealer was one of them.). By 1993, the line was dormant, but what was interesting (to me, at least) was there was a former ACL semaphore still protecting the crossing with the Seaboard! And if that wasn't interesting enough, the Seaboard side had a searchlight signal! Unfortunately, all of this was on borrowed the spring of 1994, the diamond as well as all remaining trackage north of the SAL was taken up (a short section south of it still exist as of 2015). I've wished I've taken photos of it when I had the chance.??

Robyn Watkins
Asheville, NC


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