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Map submitted by Tim Thorp.

(Forwarded from the Winona & Western Railroad)

This line was originally the Winona and South Western Railroad, then the Winona and Western Railroad. When Chicago Great Western took it over, it was renamed to Wisconsin, Minnesota amd Western Railroad and later became part of CGW proper. When the CGW was merged into the Chicago North Western, this line was abandoned.

This was always something I never understood: We used to take Amtrak Empire Builder from Chicago to Winona to visit my relatives in Rochester. But you had to take a bus or car from Winona because the train didn't run to Rochester, despite having the Mayo Clinic there. The depot in Winona looked like something out of Green Acres during the seventies/eighties. We always thought that was pretty cool.

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According to Rails to the North Star: a Minnesota Railroad Atlas, published by University of Minnesota Press, CGW obtained trackage rights on CNW from Planks to Winona and abandoned Altura to Winona by 1936 then Utica to Altura in 1962.

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Passenger trains stopped rolling in to Rochester from Winona with the cancellation of the Rochester 400 in 1963. Amtrak has never, to my knowledge, served Rochester.

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