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Abandoned Industrial Spur

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Rails are barely visible, but they are there. There are segments of two abandoned spurs. The one on the left seems to have originated from the one on the right. This is at the end of Rue DesChambault in Winnipeg. The view is looking north. The line on the right itself used to orginate from the line seen in the right corner (CPR's Sprague Line). This spur line served a few industrial firms and was no longer than about 1 kilometer. Photo by Radu Popescu.

This abandoned spur ran for about 1.5 miles from its original starting point, which was a switch from the "CPR Sprague" line, that was located somewhere by the industrial building seen in the picture. The spur continued all the way into the yard of a firm which used the line for its purposes. The spur crossed a few more streets that are located between the firm and the industrial building. These streets include both Cabana Streets, Bertrand Street, Hamel Street and Gaboury Place. There's a funeral chapel on Rue Youville and right behind it is the old ROW. However, besides the only signs of a railroad that are visible crossing Rue DesChambault, there are rails still in place but the ROW can be made out. The firm is located diagonally across from Fire Station No.3 at Des Meurons & Goulet Street, in an opening which is a backlane. It is not known when this spur was put up but it was abandoned and the tracks taken out sometime in the 1990s.

Radu Popescu adds Unfortunately, the firm is private property so it was not possible to get any pictures.

Thanks to Radu Popescu for contributing information about this route.

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