Wing Road to Twin Mountain, NH

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At Wing Rd you can see where the station and water tower were due tothe foundations. The main line and runaround witha switch missing north to Whitefield are still there as of Oct 2012. The sw and ne leg of the wye have been long gone since the 1920s or so. Use Google earth to locate some parts of. At Twin Mt, NH the row iss till southof the big old store and Twin Mt sta site (B&M RR). Northof this is not rt 302 to Crawford NOtch. Just beyond the lights as you turn east towards Crawford Notch onthe right you can detect a small piece of old row. Atthe end of this, you will find theonly remaing bridge abutment. Yes, It is still there.I have visited it twice. I was surprised to see it.

conrad ekstrom
tilton, NH