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The Wilson and Summerton Railroad

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Greg Harrison

This railroad line from Wilson to Summerton was built as the Wilson and Summerton Railroad by Thomas Wilson, a lumber magnate, to bring lumber to his mill at what was then known as Wilson's Mill on the Central Railroad of South Carolina (now the CSX line from Sumter to Lane). The W&S was chartered in 1888 and was completed through Summerton, and a connection with a now-abandoned line of the Charleston, Sumter & Northern Railroad on the west side of Summerton at a location named "Millard".

The W&S used trackage rights from Millard on the CS&N down to Coskreys, now known as St. Paul. Service began on September 10, 1889. In 1899, the railroad was merged into the North Western Railroad of South Carolina.

Towns on the line between Wilson's Mill and Summerton were:

  • Wilson
  • Bloomville
  • Jordan
  • Davis Station
  • Summerton

Abandonment of the line is not known; it does not show up on a railroad map dated 1948.

I found an online Sanborn "unpublished" map of Davis Station dated 1934 that showed the North Western RR still passing thru.

Mitch Bailey
Lexington County, SC


Are there any reports available from 1889, on trespasser deaths, namely Henry Edward Gardner, age 19 months, near Davis Station... He was a younger brother of my Grandfather Marvin Marion Gardner that was born and raised Davis Station, S.C.

Nick Gardner
Savannah, GA


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