Wildwood Junction to Wildwood

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Greg Harrison

Historic ICC Abandonment Filings

Docket Number: 9759 Date: 12/17/1932 Section: 1
App. of West Jersey and Seashore RR. Co., Pennsylvania RR. Co., lessee, and Atlantic City RR. Co., prospective lessee, for certificate to abandon those portions of the West Jersey and Seashore RR. extending from Mile Post 60 (2.5 miles east of Woodbine Junction) to Cape May; between Wildwood Junction and Wildwood; between Sea Isle Junction and Sea Isle City; between 51st Street and end of line in Ocean City; and between Sea Isle City and Stone Harbor; a total distance of 45.5 miles, all in Cape May County, New Jersey.
Length: 45.5 miles Citation: 193 ICC 183  
Also under this filing: Ocean City Railroad, Woodbine Junction to Cape May, Sea Isle Junction to Sea Isle City, Sea Isle City to Stone Harbor   

I think this line is active as an excursion line

Dearborn Heights, MI


this was completely abandoned with the creation of conrail. it was not conveyed to anyone.

Bob Clearfield
Atlantic City, NJ


This branch was not part of the 1932 abandonment. It was abandoned around 1973

nj, NJ


During the late 1980s, on my way to Cape May, I remember seeing rails on this line passing underneath the Garden State Parkway. They were not being used by then. Last time I saw them was around 1990, and by 1994, they were gone. The station at Wildwood Jct. still exists, but is in very poor shape.



There is now a train ride from Tuckahoe to the Wildwood Depot running as a tourist attraction, A semi modern conveyance is used with controls at each end, never rode it, bug saw it depot an old origin Depot. So much history in that area. It blows the explorers mind even at my age, 78 years old

Willard flanagan
Camden, NJ


This was abandoned in 1972.

Sean Keegan
Thorofare, NJ


This was actually ceded to New Jersey Transit who in turn lease the rails that are still there to the Cape May Seashore Lines Railroad. Due to vandalism the train has not run down this far in many years. The rails that still exist were the Pennsylvania Reading Seashore Lines. The West Jersey & Seashore Lines rails were ripped up back in the 1930's. Many portions of the former WJ&SRR rail bed are now bicycle paths.

Donald S.
Cape May County, NJ


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