Calipatria to Westmorland

The Westmorland Branch

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Greg Harrison

The only hard evidence of this abandoned line comes in the form of an old wooden trestle near Walker Road outside of Westmorland. View is facing generally northeast. Photo by Mike Palmer, January 2005.

Historic ICC Abandonment Filings

Docket Number: 26368 Date: 10/5/1970 Section: 1(18)
Applic. for auth. to abandon a portion of its Westmorland Branch between the junction switch at Calipatria, MP 676.027, and the end of the branch at Westmorland, MP 688.820, a distance of approx. 12.793 miles, together with all spur track, sidings and appurtenances, all within the County of Imperial, California. Applicant proposes to retain that portion of said branch between MP 676.027 and MP 676.490, at Calipatria, Calif., a distance of 0.463 miles for operating purposes as siding and yard trackage.
Length: 12.793 miles Citation:  
Docket Number: AB-12 Sub 6 Date: 12/14/1972 Section: 1(18)
Applic. for authority to abandon a line of RR known as the Westmoreland Branch between MP 676.027 and MP 676.490, a distance of 0.463 mi. at Calipatria, Imperial County, Calif.
Length: 0.463 miles Citation:  

As you come into Calipatria on Hwy 111 North if you look real close off to your left you can see some of the roadbed that is left from this branch. It is covered with trash and weeds now. A dirt road follows it going west.

Skeeter Rose
El Centro, CA


I once read that when the tracks ran to Westmorland, that was the lowest point in the USA for a railroad. The lowest point now is the UP mainline to Yuma just east of Mortmar siding, MP 535.5

Paul McGuffin
Green Valley, AZ, AZ


I have this passion for the railroad, I grew up right next to one and I always wondered how the heck do the taxes work on railroad and if it abandons where do you ask for the information my friends on the other side of town had received some type of letter to have inherited 200 feet of railroad abandonment property behind their own property on both sides of railroad 200 feet for west side and 200 feet to the east every property owner received 200 by 60 feet of extra land my question for "how much taxes were owed??" is my question does anyone know please help

westmorland, CA


I drive 86/111 all the time and would love to see the letter. I contribute to this website on a regular basis. You may google my name and location for the phone number or email address.

Leonard Cravens
Indio, CA


@ Richard,

Don't know about Cali, but here in NY (Long Island), old LIRR right-of-ways were given to owners, who's property ran up to it. There was no 'back taxes' issues. However the owner's properties were re-assested based on their new square footage. And of course that meant higher taxes.

Walter Imhof
Manorville, NY


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