McConnico to Chloride

(Forwarded from the Western Arizona Railway)

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A break in a raised graded area usually serves as evidence of a railroad grade long abandoned. Photo by Joe Crouse, January 2010.

Historic ICC Abandonment Filings

Docket Number: 9961 Date: 4/24/1933 Section: 1
Application of Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway and Western Arizona Railway for certificate to abandon a line between McConnico and Chloride, Mohave County, Arizona, a distance of 23.41 miles.
Length: 23.41 miles Citation: 193 ICC 145  

The right of way is still visiable in Google Earth. I have explored just south of Chloride and have found a spike and rail joiner bolt.

Las Vegas, NV


two comments -

one, you can see a picture of the old Chloride depot here -

second - looking at this on google maps, there appears to be the remains of two separate wyes southwest of town, one large one which is clearly the remainder of this line, but a second one to the north of it which appears older and smaller. also, going west from the larger wye, there appears to be the remains of a second line going approximately nine miles to the west to another mine site.

ive sketched them up on google maps for your perusal -

Henry R
Chandler, AZ


there's a bunch of info on this line here as well -

Henry R
Chandler, AZ


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