The West Side Branch

Beaverton to Cheshire, OR

—  ICC Abandonment Filings  —

Southern Pacific Railroad
Docket: 8988 10/6/1931 Section: 1
App. for certificate to abandon part of its West Side Branch, extending from Beaverton, Washington County, to Bertha, Multnomah County, Oregon, a distance of 5.409 miles.
Length: 5.409 miles Citation: 180 ICC 59
Southern Pacific Railroad
Docket: 10962 9/20/1935 Section: 1
App. for certificate to abandon that part of its West Side Branch extending from Cheshire to Transfer, a distance of 11.099 miles, all in Lane County, Oregon.
Length: 11.099 miles Citation: 212 ICC 9
Southern Pacific Railroad
Docket: 19869 8/2/1957 Section: 1(18)
App. for auth. to abandon the line of railroad and operation of that portion of its so-called Westside Branch, extending from Mile Post 671.48 near Monroe, Ore, to the end of the branch at M.P. 662.44 near Cheshire, Ore. in Benton & Lane Counties, a distance of approx. 9.06 miles together with all sidings, spur track & appurtenances.
Length: 9.06 miles Citation: 295 ICC 801

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Other parts of this line are also abandoned:

* Between Bertha and downtown Portland.

* Between Gaston and north of McMinnville.

Beaverton, OR

The line from Corvallis about five miles south has been sold to a local farmer after Willamette & Pacific (Portland & Western) embargoed the "Bailey Branch", or the Lower Westside Line south of Corvallis. The first five miles are being rehabilitated; but the line south of his farm (near the Corvallis airport) will likely be abandoned, including the historical Bailey Branch out to the sawmill. Despite protests, the sawmill and the few other shippers simply aren't shipping enough for the line to be viable, and Benton County has expressed possible interest in buying the line, but just doesn't have the money (and has other priorities).

Erik H.
Tigard, OR

There are additional filings that should be listed here, from 2011, with regards to abandonment from Monroe to Greenberry, and from Alpine Jct. to Dawson. The owner railroad is Union Pacific.

Charles Bonville
Albany, OR

The southern end of the Westside Branch terminated west of Eugene at Transfer on the Coos Bay Branch (as shown in the second filing).

Franklin, OR