Weed to Grass Lake

The abandoned railroad route between Weed and Grass Lake was once operated in California by the Central Pacific Railroad and the Southern Pacific Railroad.

Historic ICC Abandonment Filings

Docket Number: 6402 Date: 7/5/1927 Section: 1
App of Central Pacific Ry. Co. and Southern Pacific Co.., its lessee, for abandonment of railroad and the operation thereof between Weed and Grass Lake, in Siskiyou County, California.
Length: Unknown Citation: 131 ICC 317  

Worked this line in mid 60's from Eugene to Grass Lake via Roseburg and Ashland. Many memories.

MJ Rouw
Portland, OR


This must refer to the old route after a re-alignment. The SP line (now UP) is alive and well.

Federal Way, WA


I've walked or driven most of right of way between the mill in Weed and where it diverges from the present line just RR south of S Grasslake. I'm working on mapping it with OsmAnd.

Seattle , CA


Shortened Link: http://a-r.us/c5w

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