Washington Court House to Jackson

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Greg Harrison

This abandoned railway line started as part of the Detroit, Toledo & Ironton's main line between Detroit, MI and Ironton, OH, and was eventually purchased by PRR and merged into Penn Central. Ownership of the DT&I lasted until 1970, when the bankrupt Penn Central sold the line to private investors to pay off creditors. The Grand Trunk Western Railroad ultimately became the owner of the line in 1980, and abandoned it in 1982.

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Thanks to Aaron M. for contributing information about this route.

A tiny portion of this line operates in two places. There is some track just north or Hammertown lake near Jackson Ohio, it serves a factory. It is part of U.S. Rail. The other section I know of is at the East side of Greenfield Ohio, going north 1/4 mile to a factory. It is serviced by the I&O.

steve hobensack
marietta, OH


There are rails left over in Greenfield on route 753 that once led to Blue Rock quarry, once served by the DT&I. Most bridges over Paint Creek for the railroad have been removed south of Washington Court House. There were several as this creek wound it's way through the hills of southern Ohio.

John Thompson
Elyria, OH


DT&I shops still remain in Jackson, Ohio including roundhouse (now used by trucking company) car fabrication shops, locomotive shops, and what appears to be an office buliding of some type

John Thompson
Elyria, OH


Perhaps the steepest grade in Ohio between Bainbridge and Waverly. For a detailed history of this segment of the DT&I, read "Summit Hill, The Balloon Route Over The Detroit, Toledo And Ironton Railroad" by Scott D. Trostel. An excellent book with many historical photos.

Gary Lambillotte
Medina, OH


If I'm not mistaken, the Grand Trunk abandoned this following the acquisition of the Washington C.H. to Welston section of the B&O in 1981 when the Chessie ceased service to Dayton from Chillicothe. When I see Grand Trunk maps from the 1980's that route is shown.

This would have made a GREAT rail trail!

Brian S.
Troy, OH


In 1981 I was a brakeman on the CSX-Chessie-C&O Northern Sub. At that time DT&I/GT crews were using trackage rights over C&O/B&O lines for Northbound movements only. Crews would crossover onto C&O track at Greggs, OH then onto B&O(former CH&D) track at VA Junction, B&O (former M&C) at Renick Junction through Chillicothe and west to Mussellman where they returned to B&O (CH&D) into Washington Courthouse. Eventually GT crews used this route in both directions. I never saw or heard of a DT&I/GT train using the B&O (M&C) route into Wellston.

Reg S.
Portsmouth, OH


What I've recall, while living in Bainbridge. There were least 3 to 4 bridge crossings in the local area over Paint Creek. Concrete bases for the bridges can still be seen along the creek. The steel bridges were removed sometime before late 1980s. The train station was burn down in the 90s and a Gas Station was built where it was. Locals told me that wasn't the only station and a smaller buildings were near the Parks and a small rail siding maybe was there. Before the Paint Creak Dam was built in 1967, flooding was a big issue in the area and bridges were washed away. The railroad even placed a small tower by the creek to check and report flooding levels.

Russell S.
Jackson, TN


U.S. Rail left jackson. And a new company has taken over.

jeff garrett
jackson, OH


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