Warrenton to East of Meetze

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Greg Harrison

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Former right of way facing southeast from the former Business US Route 15 crossing on the south edge of Warrenton. Photo by Mike Palmer.

This abandonment appears to be relatively recent (within the past 15 years). The branch leaves the NS (Southern) main at Calverton, and heads northwest through Casanova to a quarry near the corner of Meetze Rd (Rte 643) and Turkey Run Rd (Rte 779). Casanova Rd, between Calverton and Casanova, parallels the southern end of the line; there were some new ties placed along the tracks for replacement in the near future. The tracks end before they reach the site of the Meetze Road crossing. The abandoned section of the line continued on through the town of Meetze and ended in Warrenton.

Part of the northern end of the line, beginning near the Warrenton Station, has been converted to a trail called the "Warrenton Branch Greenway". It extends over US Routes 15-17-19 on a girder bridge.

The Warrenton station is now a restaurant called "The Depot". There are two cabooses on display, including one painted in N&W red and white, and a position-light signal which was probably moved there from another location.

Thanks to Mike Palmer for contributing information about this route.

I've heard that they might have a VRE spur head up to Warrenton, so this line might be re-built.

Springfield, VA


The girder bridge crosses Routes 15-17-29 (not 19)....and the VRE extension under consideration is from Manassas to Gainesville and Haymarket (most likely) OR Manassas to Bealeton, which would go straight down Route 28 without coming into the Warrenton branch. It's a walking/biking trail, hard to imagine that being taken away considering the master plan to add more such trails to form a connected network.

Warenton, VA


The line from the Vulcan Quarry to Warrenton was out of service for years but was finally removed in 1989.

Warrenton, VA


This line was abandoned in 1988 by Southern Railway. In the 1990s, a group restored a N&W caboose and put up a N&W signal. A segment of the line from the main at Calverton to a quarry northwest of Casanova is still in use by NS.

Jackson Van Ness
Warrenton, VA


There is not much left of the old line until you get almost to the mane line just shy of the main line there is a factory that uses what's left as a spur

Madison, VA


The line was abandoned in 1988, after seeing only sporadic (about once a month) use since the seventies. The girder bridge at the end of the trail was built when the new bypass was built, in 1988, and it only saw one train roundtrip before the line was abandoned. I hope that someday a rails-with-trails can be built so VRE and freight can get back into Warrenton without taking away the awesome trail. A freight transloading facility in the woods behind Caterpillar and Cecil's Tractors would be a better use than the low-rent and assissted-living apartments the town wants to put up there.

Jackson Van Ness
Warrenton, VA


Before the NS merger, Southern ran several round trip steam specials from Alexandria over the Warrenton Branch. Usual power were 2-8-0's 722 or 630. Does anyone know any dates when these trips were run?

Jeff Morfit
Fredericksburg, VA


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