Ward to Saluda, SC

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In january 1912 the Augusta Northern Railway began operation from Ward to Saluda as a spur line. The railroad was 11.1 miles long and there was no turn table in Saluda, so the train had to back the return trip to Ward. The old depot is still standing in Saluda, it is the old Webb's Feed and Seed building on U.S. 178. The railroad was abandoned in june 1941.

Walter Edwards
Saluda, SC

I remember my great grandfather speaking of this one. There was an abandoned station house on HWY 121 between Johnston and Saluda. I do not think it is still standing...but I am not certain. I bet you could contact Mr. Shealy at the Saluda Standard Sentinel in Saluda SC and he could provide you with some information on it and possibly some old photos...don't know for certain..

Regina Sanders
Monetta, SC

The railroad to Saluda shows up in a few places on the internet.

This is what I have been able to find so far.

This is taken from:



A Summary of the Statistics of Agriculture, Manufactures,

Geography, Climate, Geology and Physiography, Minerals and Mining, Education,

Transportation, Commerce, Government, Etc., Etc.



"Railroad to Saluda, 29 miles long, is being built now. Will open a fine section

of country."

This is taken from:

Journal of the Senate of the General Assembly of the State of South Carolina

"Message from the House.

In the House of Representatives.

Columbia, S. C., February 24, 1912.

Mr. President and Gentlemen of the Senate:

The House respectfully informs your honorable body that it accepts the

invitation to ratify Acts at 10:30 p. m. this day.

Very respectfully,


Speaker of the House.

Received as information.


At 10:30 p. m., the Honorable, the Speaker and the House of Representatives

attended in the Hall of the Senate, when the following Acts were ratified:

...S. 1142 (H. 1357).-An Act to validate an election to issue ten

thousand ($10,000) dollars in bonds by the town of Saluda to aid

in the construction of a railroad to Saluda from some point or

points on some railroad now in existence in this State."

At http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Southern_Railway_(U.S.) a 1921 map

of Southern Railway's system reveals an active railroad or railroad spur to Saluda.

This page also has some good history about the railway.

At http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:1921_Southern_Railway_map.jpg

you will see the 1921 system map which can be downloaded.

Brian McAlister
Leesville, SC

The were to loading platforms between Saluda and Ward. One was in a town that was never built, "Bell" South Carolina. I dont know the name of the other one.

My Father-in-Law said that when he was a boy, he would go with his father to the "Bell turnout" early on Sunday mornings to meet the train to get a newspaper. The train would also pick up passengers there.

Tim Bledsoe
Johnston, SC

I too am very interested in this railraod. It is my understanding that there is one railcar off of Johnston hwy. Two families claim ownership. Its a shame that history is rotting down before our eyes. I have and orginal photo of one of the two engines behind the feed store. Pretty neat stuff. Also interested in seeing if any railroad keys or locks are in existance from this line.

Donnie Drake
Saluda, SC

The rail car is still there. If you are travelling from Johnson to Saluda, the rail car can be seen to the right side of the first curve after you pass Persimmon Hill Country club. It is a passenger car and can be seen with the leaves have fallen in the winter.

Mike Pope
Saluda, SC

This line runs through a friend's property. I saw it for the first time today. They use the old railroad bed as a road of sorts. There's no evidence of the railway left except where the earth was cut into or raised. It ends abruptly at a creek valley. I believe it's Mine Creek. The raised bed has been washed away a hundred yards from the creek from many years of flooding. At the creek bank the bridge abutments are still in place although the bridge is long gone. It was a great walk through history and I got some great pictures too!

Patrick Holland
Prosperity, SC