Vienna to Thebes


Map submitted by Mike Fromholt.

The line to Thebes actually split off from the main south of Cypress Il. what was called the Joppa Junction. At that junction you could either run west to Thebes or continue southeast to the terminus at Joppa Il. The line from Joppa Junction to Thebes was removed in the early 1980's. The line from West Vienna to Joppa was removed in the 1990's. All trains now share the BNSF trackage that ran east of the old Joppa line.

Bart Hileman
Jonesboro, IL


As late as the 1960's, the C&EI ran a "Chaffee Turn" that ran from Salem IL to Chaffee MO. The train ran over the MOPAC across the Thebes bridge to Chaffee. Chaffee was a junction between the MOPAC and FRISCO to points southwest. The C&EI provided that some traffic east of St. Louis could bypass the city and interchange with the mentioned RR's at Chaffee. The post merger upgrading of the Benton IL-Gorham IL connection for Chicago-Texas traffic, made this line obsolete.

Brent L Staulcup
Metropolis, IL


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