Vader to Ryderwood

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Greg Harrison

This branch line was operated by the Longview, Portland and Northern Railroad, a subsidiary of the International Paper Company (see Gardiner Junction to Gardiner). This branch line was the first one to be built by the LP&N in 1929; it was abandoned in 1959 when the International Paper mill it served at Ryderwood closed.

Ryderwood and the LP&N were built and owned by Long-Bell in the early 1920's. The railroad carried logs to the saw mills at Longview; there was no mill in Ryderwood,a Long-Bell logging town. IP purchased Long-bell in the late 1950's

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LP&N also had a track running south from Vader to Longview, constructed or upgraded to main line standards. I read that this line was used by NP, GN and UP passenger trains between these points. I don't know if this was a regular or occasional instance.

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